Telechron Clocks


Telechron Clocks


Detailed information on each clock in Electric Time Company's antique Telechron clock collection.

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Type B Power Station Master Clock
An extremely rare example of a power station master clock, this Type B model created by Henry Warren in the early 20th century. It was used to precisely regulate the frequency of the power station's generators- which Warren's newly invented, electric…

Type E Power Station Master Clock
One of only two surviving examples of the Type E Master Clock.

Name Unknown

Telechron 'Resolute'
This nautical design, model 6B17, was produced from 1947-50. The example here appears to have different hands installed than many of the other existing clocks. A solid mahogany case outfitted with a rope detail encircled the bottom, the dial is…

Telechron 'Motif'
Black plastic (Bakelite) wall clock produced from 1954-1956 with the model number 2HA49. The outer case is cut into to reveal its silver-toned face and off-white numbers. Each front corner is decorated with a gold ivy design that mirrors the gold…

Telechron 'Sportsman'
Model 7H57 is a reintroduction of an older model by the same name. An alarm clock with an "indicating device" used to alert its owner in the case of a power outage, the case is composed of plastic made to resemble the onyx used in the original, older…

Telechron 'Radio'
A moderately sized shelf clock, the "Radio", or model #455, was produced from 1927-30. It is housed in an antiqued-finish metal case and its hands have a delicate clover design. This model has an indicating device that would have turned red to alert…

Telechron 'Casino'
Produced from 1936-1937 model #4F71, the "Casino", is a shelf clock that has a mirrored glass royal blue semi-oval case that rests on an ivory plastic base. The light blue face is a texture designed to resemble cloisonne that contrasts nicely with…

Telechron 'Airlux'
Missing its outer case, this is an incomplete example of the Telechron model 'Airlux'. The missing case would have been white onyx to complement the brass detailing. It was originally produced from 1934-1940 and in subsequent years was reproduced…
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