Clock Dial with Type H Rotor


Clock Dial with Type H Rotor


Shown in the picture are a bezel and a dial of a Telechron wall clock. Although the clock may be missing its case which makes it rather difficult to identify the model, the motor is still present on the back of the clock. The motor includes a type H rotor. Due to the aluminum housing, this type H rotor is most likely one of the more recent models made by Telechron. On the aluminum reads the label:

H-3 TOP M1313
3.6 RPM 60-C 96

This rotor’s output shaft spins at 3.6 revolutions per minute. The rotor is equipped with mounting feet for a secure fit.

Case Location

3, 3, Front - Left


H-3 Front.JPG
H-3 Back.JPG
H-3 Left.JPG
H-3 Right.JPG
H-3 Zoom Left.JPG
H-3 Zoom Right.JPG



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