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This 'Conductor' features the ivory case. It was originally available in Ivory or Brown. The clock was manufactured from 1940 to 1942 and again from 1945 to 1947. It was very popular as over 246,000 were sold. The art deco styling features a green…

This cyclometer clock features a black plastic case with lighting to illuminate the dial. Less than 14,000 were sold during its 1933-34 production.

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Plastic Glamour.JPG
Electric Time’s newest edition to the museum is the Telechron Model 3H155, known as the ‘Glamour.’ Not to be confused with Telechron’s Model 3H91, which happens to be called ‘Glamour’ as well, this clock has a black plastic case, brass hands and…

Shown in the photos is a movement from a Telechron clock. Although it is missing the case, dial, and hands, the movement is still intact with the full gear train and motor. The motor on the back contains a type B-2 rotor in brass housing dating from…

Running on a type H rotor, Telechron’s Model 1H1312, is a commercial wall clock made of a brown Bakelite case. The 12.5” dial includes a red dot to indicate power loss. A feature of Telechron clocks during this time is that they restart on their own…

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A useful clock, this Model 8H55 features an outlet on the rear that allowed the user to plug in a light or radio to automatically switch them on or off. The Selector was manufactured from 1943-1953 and approximately 123,309 were sold. Its details…

H-3 Front.JPG
Shown in the picture are a bezel and a dial of a Telechron wall clock. Although the clock may be missing its case which makes it rather difficult to identify the model, the motor is still present on the back of the clock. The motor includes a type H…

Shown here is a movement with the Telechron type B-13 synchronous rotor and gears from the Gold Room clock inside Harvard University’s Adams House. B-13 rotors were most commonly used in striking and chime clocks. The B-13 rotor’s output shaft…

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Identical to the 1F308 commercial clock except in size, the Telechron Model 1F312 has an octagonal metal case is 14” in diameter. The dial is 12” across.
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